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Mind Masters Course NMLA
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12 Level Blueprint Rewiring NMLA

12 Level Blueprint Rewiring

Presentation Prosperity Course NMLA

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30 Day Mindset Mastery

Presentation Prosperity

Dave O’Connor, Top Mindset Coach to Network Marketers and Carla Rieger, Top Presentation and Teambuilding Skills Coach to Network Marketers, have teamed up. 

They've gathered the latest research and the most practical tools in the industry for network marketers to skyrocket their business to the next level. This advanced, state-of-the-art online learning platform provides you with resources you can access 24/7 as often as you need. 

Plus Once A Month You'll Be Able to Talk LIVE To Dave O'Connor, Mindset Expert & Carla Rieger, Presentation Skills and Teambuilding Expert.

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Our mission for The Network Marketing Leadership 1 year Academy [NMLA] is to raise the level of mindset and skillset in the industry through online education, live events, Q&A and coaching. We strive to be the most comprehensive network marketing training resource in the world.

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Let me ask you a serious question...

Do you ever:

- Feel frustrated that you’re not much further along in your network marketing business?

- Wish you had better leadership and presentation skills?

- Deep down feel like there’s something holding you back from really going for it in your business?


- Struggle with a lack of confidence or belief?

- Procrastinate & feel paralysed with fear to the point where you know what to do, you just don’t do what you know? 

- Sometimes wonder if you are even cut out for network marketing?

We understand!

You are here because you’re struggling to get started or you’ve hit a plateau and it’s time to go to that next level.

• Maybe you have another full time job and have a hard time balancing your day to day life with your network marketing business.

• Perhaps you’ve had a few key team members leave because some charlatans convinced them they could ‘get rich quick’ by joining their company.

• You may have a fear of public speaking which only adds to the feelings of self doubt and anxiety you constantly experience.

• If you have children, you may even feel guilty from taking so much time away from them night after night to grow your business.

• And the people who have stuck with you don’t really do much anyway.

• You easily get sucked into the negativity put out by the haters and naysayers who don’t understand the industry.

• You believe in your company’s products and services but there’s just too much politics involved.

• You’ve heard the stories of other leaders overcoming adversity so you know it is possible, but you doubt you can do the same .

• Sometimes you’re tempted to go back to the security of a 9-5 job … but deep down you know the future you really want for yourself and your family can only come from being a top earner in network marketing.

• Perhaps some of your friends and family have been unsupportive and downright negative from the start - telling you to stop wasting your time and get a real job.

We get you.

We want to reassure and let you know, we can help you.


We've gathered the latest cutting edge research and the most practical result-producing mindset, leadership and presentation tools in the industry for network marketers to skyrocket their business to the next level.

When You Discover These "Speaking Secrets" For Yourself, Your Team Will Grow Faster Than You've Ever Imagined Possible...

Part 3

Part 4

The Mindmasters Course with Dave O’Connor – Once a month module for 12 months followed by a live Q&A. Discover how to dissolve self sabotage and transform obstacles into opportunities so that you finally achieve the lifestyle you desire. Set goals, create your vision, upgrade your self image and set yourself free to become the leader you were always meant to be.

30 Day Mindset Mastery Challenge with Dave O’Connor – One short inspirational video a day for 30 days to jumpstart your success. In this brand new ground breaking video and audio course you will discover how to create the necessary mindset momentum to achieve greater results in your network marketing business.

In general only 12% of people finish online learning programs, but that’s because they are not interactive and gamified. Welcome to our High Engagement Learning Platform whereby the majority of learners complete the program and receive certificates in various aspects of Network Marketing Leadership that they can use to build their credibility online and on their resumes. Not only that but the whole learning process is “gamified” meaning you will get to take quizzes, measure your success as you go, receive rewards as incentives, interact with others in the community, and have fun as you learn. On top of that you get to attend live Q&A’s with Dave and Carla throughout the year to personalize the learning process as you go. 

High Engagement Learning Platform and Live Q&A’s

12 Level Blueprint Rewiring with Dave O’Connor – 12 Advanced Blueprints to use throughout the year to reprogram your subconscious. Go through Dave’s tried-and-tested system for training network marketers to reprogram and upgrade their mindset so they can have the beliefs and habits of a 6 or 7 figure earner. You’ll get 12 Advanced Audio Blueprints complete with beautiful music, binaural beats and sub-threshold harmonic blends designed to retrain your brain to operate like a network marketing champion and achieve super success in your business and life.

Part 1

Presentation Prosperity Course with Carla Rieger - Once a month module for 12 months followed by a live Q&A. This is a powerful system for being a top notch presenter whether it’s 1-to-1, for small groups and large groups. Discover how to stay cool under pressure, get people smiling and laughing, craft a winning story that helps people really “get it”, make an offer and close the deal without being salsey, effectively deal with challenging audience members. Step in front of bigger groups so your business can grow faster.

Part 2

Because of these powerful speaking skills and tricks that Carla will be sharing with you, we’ve been able to touch the lives of thousands of people all over the world… helping speakers, trainers, and network marketers dramatically grow their incomes.

Week 1: Control Centre of Your Mind Blueprint

Week 2: Creating Your Invincible Vision Blueprint

Week 3: Super Script Blueprint

Week 4: Circle of Success Blueprint

Week 5: Beliefs and Habits Creator Blueprint

Week 6: Subconscious Sleep Optimiser Blueprint

Week 7: Universal Mind Connector Blueprint

Week 8: Quantum Acceleration Blueprint

Week 9: Bring Out The Magic in Your Business Blueprint

Week 10: How To Win Friends and Influence with Integrity Blueprint

Week 11: Developing Leaders of Leaders Blueprint

Week 12: World’s Greatest Networker Blueprint

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12 Blueprints Designed to Make Your Success on Autopilot

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The last time Dave did his famous 21 Days of Action Course Live was 5 years ago. This August he will be hosting a brand new and upgraded version called the 21 Day Mindset Momentum Course which will be in a webinar/video format instead of just audio. 

It will take the best lessons from the original 21 Day Course in addition to the latest advancements in neuroscience along with the science of high performance. It's one of the finest personal development and elite achievement programs in the world today. 


Live Private Videos

NEW 21 Day Mindset Momentum LIVE Challenge

Special Bonuses for a Limited Time

Bonus 1

Bonus 2

LIVE video recordings from the recent 2 Day Event in Stoneleigh Park.

Dave O'Connor's 21 Day Mindset Momentum Challenge

Bonus 3

The NMLA 2 Day Seminar with Dave O’Connor, Carla Rieger and top Guest Speakers – As a bonus you get a free ticket to attend our next 2 day, action-packed, experiential seminar. Next one will be later in the year - dates will be announced soon.

NMLA 2 Day Seminar

What others are saying about NMLA


How can the digital badges help me in my Network Marketing business?

In several ways. You receive a digital badge upon completion of each course. You can place these on your website or on social media. When people click on the badge it gives them details about what exactly you learned, how you performed in the program and what you can now do as a result. For example, you will get a digital badge for completing the Presentation Prosperity course with details of what you learned. If an event organizer is considering booking you as a speaker you can show them the badge and they will be more likely to feel comfortable putting you on stage. If people see you completed goalsetting and teambuilding they might feel more comfortable joining your team. 

Can I share my log-in information to the  1 year NMLA program with others on my team?

No, it’s very interactive and tied to your name. Each person gets quizzed and credentialed so it doesn’t make sense to share that. Also, if you give out your login details you risk getting locked out of the system. You create a profile and build community with others on the portal so it only works to have one login per user. 

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Answers to Your Questions

When does it start?

If I can't start right away can I still get caught up? You can get started right away with the 30 Day Mindset Mastery but that is only 5 minutes a day. Then the 12 module program starts after that. If you’re busy, you can get caught up later. You have a whole year to complete it. We understand that “life happens” and that’s why the material is spread out over a year, and available 24/7 so you access it when you can, as often as you like. All live and online events are recorded and archived for your reference as well.

Regular price £659

How is The Network Marketing Leadership Academy [NMLA] different from other products I’ve bought from Dave O’Connor or Carla Rieger?

NMLA is a combined effort of Dave O’Connor, Carla Rieger and top guest experts. You get 1 year of guided learning and support in 5 areas [Mindset, Presentation Skills, Goalsetting, Teambuilding, Sales] + a bonus 2 day live seminar. In addition you get to be part of a guided, engaging learning platform whereby you get certificates in each learning area that you can use for building credibility in the industry and online. Most of our other products are either audio or webinar only and in a short self guided format. The 2 Day Bonus seminar will be very experiential so that you can integrate your learning and turn it into real life results.

Will NMLA help me get a better mindset?

NMLA includes 4 different programs to help you with your mindset. You will learn how to start your day well, sleep better at night, feel more on purpose, be more focused, have a better self image, and be more bold to manifest your dreams. NMLA includes the most advanced unconscious reprogramming technology we have ever produced. 

Will we also learn about how to book ourselves as speakers at events?

Yes, part of the NMLA Presentation skills course will include how to attract opportunities to speak, how to sell from the front of the room without being salsey, and how to negotiate win-win agreements when asked to speak at an event.

Limited time offer only £499

How will public speaking help me in this business and what is the connection to sales and giving presentations?

Good network marketers have to develop good sales skills for both public speaking as well as 1-to-1 presenting situations in order to be successful. It’s not something most people were born knowing how to do. If you do it poorly you can damage your relationship with your prospects, many of whom will likely be friends and family. Whether you are talking 1-to-1, to small groups or large groups you need to understand how to give a persuasive presentation that wins people over and that is NOT salsey or manipulative. This requires a variety of skills in both crafting and delivery presentations. NMLA gives you 1 year of support to grow these skills in depth along with a variety of other skills you will need to be a successful network marketing leader. 

Get started today and build your dream

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Limited time offer only £499

Regular price £659

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